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And now he's finally gotten serious with a seriously good proposal about illegal aliens:

1. Enforcing the existing laws. This is a no-brainer. Too bad it's impossible for W, who makes the Three Stooges look statesmanlike in comparison.

2. No amnesty. Another no-brainer that runs contrary to liberals of all stripes, including the vast majority of Democrats and RINOs like McCain, Rudy, and W.

3. Cutting off Federal funding to "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities. Local municipalities are free to do what they want; they're also free to suffer the consequences.

4. Stepping up enforcement. This works, in no small part because once you do this, illegals start to voluntarily self-deport. A win-win situation!

These proposals and more make Fred a much more palatable candidate. He's lookng almost as good as Tom Tancredo!


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