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Well, aren't we special?

(Answer: Yes!)

I say he pretty much has you down pat. Exactly why I come here every day, and most of the time 2 or 3 times a day. While I may pull my hair out at some of your political posts.. well, I would if I had hair, anyway.. your humor is top notch and much better than most anything else available out there today.


But I'm still not voting for a Democrat next year. ;-)

Like he needs something else to inflate his already bloated ego...

My God, you're becoming like Sully. The only difference is that instead of posting hagiographic emails, you link to hagiographic blogs! And the bastard didn't even mention your outstanding cast of near daily correspondents.


I mean him, of course, not you.

Wow... cool. And you didn't even have to buy him dinner.

Well, it's the writing that sucks us in, isn't it? Then, it's the camaraderie that keeps us coming back.

Or maybe it's the writing.

In any case, congratulations on a blog well done!

I really started to come for sex days. Unfortunately Tom seems to have sex Fridays at infrequent intervals.

As to his politics, I tend to dislike most politicians. The last two I actually liked were the first George Bush and Joe Lieberman.

Is it because...

Unfortunately Tom seems to have sex [Fridays] at infrequent intervals.


Marriage does that!


How wonderful you are!

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