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I was under the impression that military contracts included with specs for materials. Did the Marines order the shirts and figure it out later? That said, getting a gov't contract for your district is business as usual, accepting quid pro quo donations is pure sleaze. I hope Democrats are not trying to become the "discount congressman party."

What? A Democrat involved in apparently shady practices? It can't be! Queen Nancy said that this would be "the most ethical Congress EH-VAR!"

Not to mention their little trick this August, when the Democrats, in violation of all Congressional rules, changed their votes on a Republican-sponsored bill that had already been voted on and passed. The presiding officer talked over the clerk who was trying to announce the results, the Democrats revoted, and somehow, the bill failed. Queen Nancy said of the fiasco, "there was no mistake made."

Read about their shameful, dishonest, and disgusting behavior here
and here

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