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Regardless of your protestations otherwise, Christianity is very much under attach in the US. Nativity scenes, school Christmas pageants, and even Christmas trees--long a part of our American culture and heritage--are either banned or Orwellianly renamed (just what other holidays in December have "holiday trees"?). Stores instruct their clerks not to wish customers "Merry Christmas," even though Christmas is a legal holiday in the US.

Despite Wally's reality-denying assertions otherwise, America is very much a Christian nation, founded, in part, on Christian principles. It is the faith of the majority. Is it somehow evil to promote the culture of the majority? We don't seem to have a problem with the Chinese propagating Chinese culture in China. In Afghanistan and Iraq, we're actually paying for the propagation of local Islamic culture. Why can't we promote our own culture in America?

Incidentally, the ACLU threatened a suit against the city of LA for having a cross in its seal. As you may recall, Spanish missions were crucial in the history of California. LA, rather than deal with the legal hassle, voluntarily removed the cross in a redesign of the seal.

On a similar note, in 2001, Moslems flew airplanes into the Twin Towers in NYC. In 2007, the Empire State Building was lit up green in honor of Moslems and Islam. Pro-Moslem actions are inherently anti-Christian, as Islam is one of the most virulently anti-Christian movements on the planet (and if you doubt that, read about the fall of Constatinople).

You're sure Christianity isn't under attack in America, Tom?

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