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The Squids enjoyed witnessing a verbal altercation between a woman on a moped and a taxi in NYC, too. Lots of yelling and profanity (woman) and honking (cab). Now, I understand better why some people refer to it as NYFC.

I found it hard to believe that there are still so many cobblestone streets in NYC--but maybe all the traffic has worn the asphalt away, revealing the cobblestones beneath.

In all fairness to you, Tom, DC is a very confusing city, and it's easy to get stuck on a highway or someplace where you can't turn left. It's worse around rush hour, when even if you can make a turn, no one will let you into the lane you want to be in.

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm looking forward to getting back to the relatively more pleasant roads of Mexifornia.

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