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If, as your headline implies, homophobes are actually "repressed homosexuals," then we might logically conclude, as did "Donald" at 2blowhards, that "anyone with a strong dislike of some form of human behavior secretly harbors such behavior himself."

Therefore, people who oppose the Islamization of Western society are really closeted Moslems! People who oppose the destruction of our culture by unrestrained liberalism are actually closeted liberals! People who oppose the continued presence of illegal aliens are, in fact, closeted illegal aliens! Wow, what an insight!!!

For the record, "Donald" had his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, and I don't think for a moment that Tom believes that all (or even most) anti-homosexual activists are secretly homosexual (though I hope you will correct me if I'm wrong). I think Tom was pointing out the all-too-common human foible of hypocricy.

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