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More importantly, what is leaf pick-up policy in Thunder Bay?

And Democrats want to put these people in charge of health care.

Ok, not exactly these people, since they're foreigners, but their American equivalents.

Damn! I used the word "foreigner". A 3000 word diatribe by Squidly is sure to follow.

Conrad, I have always admired your gift of terseness. I'm sorry for my lack of it.

As the saying goes, I apologize for the length of this letter, but I did not have time to make it shorter.

(Attributed to Augustin, Chesterfield, Einstein, Goethe, Jefferson, Lincoln, Pascal, Proust, Thoreau, Twain, Voltaire, Wilde, etc.)

Speaking as a Canadian (living in Toronto and originally from Thunder Bay), there's a few choices... 1) leave the leaves where they fall (i don't understand this obsession with raking) 2) put them in a bag and leave it in your back yard (soon to be covered with snow out of sight anyway) 3) make a compost heap (the City of Toronto actually will PROVIDE a composter for free!).

Generally, the snow has fallen before December 7 anyway, so not prime leaf raking time anyway. I'd rather our tax money be put towards salting the roads and ploughing the sidewalks than picking up leaves.

But, it just goes to show, people will complain about anything.

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