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Thats so hot....! (Sorry Paris)

While I seriously hope folks don't fall for that one, I will say... did you click on those photos of her supposed lover?

Wouldn't say I'd blame her. Hot.

I'd be more concerned to learn that Hillary wasn't doing her.

First I'd heard of it. Thanks, Functional Rightwing Crackpot Rumor Mill!

No way Hill scores a chick that hot. It almost made me feel sorry for Huma, and men every where, to think that pantsuit wearer had cornered the market. She deserves better, and dammit, so do we.

Ah, I see. The Republican Party is "the far right," is it?

Funny, isn't it, how a party that in its current incarnation would probably be shunned by both Goldwater and Reagan is, according to current standards, "far right."

This is not to deny that there are some who really are on the right and do support the Republicans, but many of them do not support RINOs like Giuliani, McCain, and Bush.

Nutcases will be all over this silliness. Normal Republicans will give this gossip the attention it deserves: none.

"Funny, isn't it, how a party that in its current incarnation would probably be shunned by both Goldwater and Reagan is, according to current standards, "far right."

Leftists excel at redefining "moderate" and "mainstream"...and they do it with the most immoderate tactics one can imagine: hurling slanderous abuse at anyone who disagrees with them. That's the main reason conservative figures of importance are becoming uninterested in speaking to them or addressing their contentions.

When William F. Buckley invited John Kenneth Galbraith to become a regular guest on Firing Line, it opened the eyes of many on both sides of the spectrum. Buckley and Galbraith were both gentlemen, despite their ideological disagreements and policy preferences. But such a marriage of disparates has become almost impossible today.

Sadly, the vicious tone the Left has adopted en masse in addressing the Right has seeped deeply into the Right's rhetoric as well. But that was to be expected, given how effective it's been for the Left; "Your enemy is always your teacher." (Orson Scott Card)

Soon, actual argument will be nothing but a memory.

Excellent points, Francis.

This thought is not original to me, but what the leftists and liberals have been doing is killing politics. There is no room for debate, no place for intelligent arguments and counter-arguments. The concept of a loyal opposition is barely a fragment of a memory. The leftists insist upon ideological purity, and when our extraordinarily liberal society fails to be "pure," they shout it down with every epithet they can muster: "fascist!" "racist!" "sexist!" "elitist!" "classist!" "Nazi!"

What Francis has pointed out is what I have been saying for some time, but in different terms. The "center" has moved so far left that now, both the liberals and the "conservatives" are liberals. Liberalism is the reigning ideology, and almost all we see are variations on the theme. In Lawrence Auster's terms, they are left-liberals and right-liberals, respectively.

Left-liberals believe in equality of results and group rights; they deny any higher truths beyond the wants of the individual. Right-liberals believe in the fundamental sameness of all humans and procedural individualism; they have reduced higher truths to the individual, rather than as applying to society as a whole. When anyone with non-liberal thoughts appears on the scene, he is reviled by both left-liberals and right-liberals ("conservatives") as being an extreme far-rightist and beyond the pale. He is excommunicated from polite society for views that were not only common but common-sensical just a few decades ago (and I'm not talking about the acceptance of racism).

A truly liberal society (in the modern sense of liberalism) cannot last long. Either liberalism will destroy us, or we will destroy it. There are encouraging signs, but the battle is far from over.

The idea that snotty political talk is a liberal invention is ridiculous to the point of being delusional. You do remember when President Clinton was accused of murder, right? You remember he was impeached for entirely political reasons. You remember that a Republican Congress spent $40 million taxpayer dollars investigating imaginary crimes, right?

The idea that the left...oh, heavens, it's too ridiculous even to argue with.

Look at the way I've framed it, Tom: the vast majority of "conservatives" and Republicans are liberals. They are right-liberals rather than left-liberals, but they share the same underlying belief in liberalism and employ the same tactics. It's a matter of degree, not fundamental difference.

Having said that, when it comes to killing politics, the left-liberals are, in general, worse than the right-liberals. I agree that there were Republican excesses during the Clinton years--but I consider them liberal excesses, carried out by (right-)liberals. However, Clinton should have been impeached and convicted--not for the sex (which was reprehensible), but for perjury.

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