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I have been very satisfied with the evil empire- ATT. The few times I needed service they took care of it with relative efficiency. When someelse has offered me a better deal they matched it. They even gave me XOO-VINO as my number when I asked.

Have had good experience with both Verizon and AT&T. For last three years I have been with AT&T have they have been great.

I am not a big user of cell phones but
I have had very good luck with Verizon. I tried T-Mobile but they were a joke. I received poor service and terrible signal strength.

From what I read I suspect that most cell phone companies treat their customers very poorly.

I was with Nextel for a few years. I loved my Nextel service, unless I needed anything from them other than the ability to send them money every month. And that got worse after they merged with Sprint.

I've been with Cingular, now AT&T, ever since and have been quite happy. I recently upgraded from my Razr to a Blackberry Pearl, and love both the wireless and data service. If you plan on doing data and email with your phone, I would recommend going with a Windows mobile phone. The data plans are cheaper, and if you go with the unlimited data plan, you can also tether your laptop to your phone and get pretty reasonable internet access, especially when you're in an area with 3G (which you should have in Louisville). The two other benefits of AT&T are the rollover minute and the unlimited mobile-to-mobile aspect that saves me a lot of money, since the three people outside of my family that I call the most are all on AT&T.

I have been with Cingular/AT&T for over 10 years. I have always had great customer service and no problems related to billing. I have the Cingular 8525 and get great data service through the 3G connection here in the D/FW area.

LOL, your experience in the parking lot reminded me of the verizon "can you hear me now?" commercials. I have verizion and have been pretty happy with them for the most part. Free calling to all other verizon customers is a great benefit for me.

The customer service sucks at every single one of the carriers. The only one I've not interacted with was Sprint, but my colleagues do, and your experience mirrors theirs.

Good luck, and don't expect a whole hell of a lot of lovin' after you sign that two-year marriage document.

US mobile carriers are the worst in the world. Expensive contracts, charges for incoming calls, lousy coverage, locked phones, crappy hardware options, limited services, contract termination penalties, lousy customer service -- there are better, much better, services on offer in third-world shit holes. Seriously.

You waited two hours for service in a cell phone store and you expect sympathy?

Not to jump on the AT&T bandwagon but there have been multiple months where I ate more than my bucket's worth, driving my bill up enormously. I hunkered down to dial customer service and tried the honey approach. Vinegar gets you nowhere with these guys.

Anyhow, I've always been able to get out of my overage charges by being nice and acting like an "over-made-up blond", "Oh gosh, I didn't know I so close to my max minutes" and "Wow, I got $300 bill when my plan is only for $70?" Low, I know but hey, it works.

I just have to assume (s)he lives in the US. FTR, I do as well. Why do we americans believe everything is owed to us? If you didn't like the service, than why did you stick with it for 6-7 years? I've had Sprint for over 4 years now and couldn't be happier. They sure beat Verizon and Nextel (before they merged). Really, just read his comments and you will see that this poster has issues that do not directly affect Sprint. He went in mad because his SON sent 726 text-messages! Therefore, the location of the store, the over-made-up-blond and the 7 employees standing around were the cause of his high cell phone bill. Responsibility is all his. He allowed his son to send a high amount of texts, didn't carefully pay attention to his bills and wanted to blame someone else. Don't take no from someone who doesn't have the power to say yes!

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