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I think the state IQ chart has been pretty well shown to be a hoax.

But think where Kentucky might rank without the F/A family.

As a longtime listener and now second time caller, I felt compelled to write again to note that what would have first tipped me off is not that my home state of Missouri came in 27th, but that it was misspelled in the chart. Not too shabby for a resident of a state in the middle of the pack!

Without the F/A family in the mix, it is likely the Kentucky ranking would drop even farther, since we're of average intelligence, exerting upward pressure toward a ranking of 25th or 26th.

Also, a closer review of the chart reveals that Texas and North Dakota are equally intelligent, something that is insulting to both states.

So would it be impolite for me to ask that if the problem here wasn't that you weren't smart enough as a guy from New Mexico to see that it was a hoax?

Just asking....

I dunno, I think it's pretty accurate. Hawaiians deserve #6 & must be pretty smart since they have living in paradise dialed.

"Living in paradise?" Hah! It's an overpriced, racist,* liberal hellhole. A beautiful one, and a great place to visit, but I'm very happy to have left.

*Anti-white mainly, but with lots of resentment left over for everyone else.

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