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Best of luck. I knew you loved wine...

Good luck becoming a pretentious ass. Or maybe at long last just certifying what you have always been.

Seriously, though, good luck.

Retsina is hardly drinkable at all -- unless you drink it somewhere in the sunny Greek countryside in some traditional setting with Greek food, and then, magically, everything is well.

What's the meaning of knowledge, anyway, if you can't bore other people with it, so, good luck!

You have my cell phone # if you need a "lifeline." But remember, with my decades-long head start I'll always be more of a pretentious bore than you.

I think the key to enjoying retsina is twofold: one, like kamenin says, is to drink it with Greek food, for which it is eminently suited. The other is to not think of it as wine!

P.S.: Good luck!

Totally cool dude. I'm enormously jealous! Will begin looking into the course tomorrow.

Interestingly, I've developed the ability to be pretentious without actually knowing anything. So if the test doesn't go well send 5 hundy my way and we can get started.

Good Luck!

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