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So, the experience of the most liberal Republican in the race, who is also a near certain loser to any Democrat in the general election, believes that the media has been fair, and this to you is evidence of conservative media bias? Sounds more like self reinforcing mythology to me.

Huckabee is an anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, pro-school prayer, anti-intellectual Baptist preacher. I guarantee there is not a Democrat anywhere who thinks Mike Huckabee is liberal. The idea that media are biased in favor of Huckabee because Huckabee is a liberal is so ridiculous that you absolutely have to be putting me on.

In which case, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. You really had me going. I believed for a second there that you were serious.

Silly me.

He is a tax raising, big government program, strong foreign policy apologist, who believes that government has a moral obligation to even outcomes for all its citizens through social policy. This is the very definition of liberalism.

Oh, and he can't win. In other words he is the perfect Republican candidate for liberals who would like to see a Democrat elected. And the media is treating him quite well according to your own post. So yes, you took the bait, only it was the media and the Huckester's, not mine.

Huck, Hillary, Obama......there really is no difference except at the fringes! Really I thought that this bunch would have picked up on that by now?!

Well, that was really kind of my point.

Can we discuss something of some import now....like what happened to Toms promise to bring back "Sex Day" on a more consistent basis?

Tom is right when he says that there isn't a Democrat anywhere who thinks that Huckabee is a liberal, and Pursuit is also right when he says that Huckabee is a liberal.

Funny how perception can be so far off from any given candidate's actual positions.

And no, there is no contradiction between liberalism and all the antis and pros that Tom listed. It's a different flavor of liberalism than the one the Democrats favor, that's all.

Also, Tom, I just find it odd that someone as intelligent and observant as you has such a huge blind spot for the blatant liberal bias of the news media. A few examples:

1. CNN's pie charts of the Iowa caucus results included Bill Richardson's 2% in the Democrat chart, but excluded Ron Paul's 10% in the Republican chart.

2. As the news in Iraq gets better, the reporting on Iraq decreases.

3. In spite of the strong if not excellent economy (1 million new jobs created in 2007; low unemployment; low inflation), all we hear about is the impending recession. Hmm, does a recession, real or imagined, help the incumbent party in the White House, or the challenging party?

Not to mention the utterly lopsided coverage of alleged global warming: just 3% skeptical/critical, and 97% agreeing with Al Gore's unscientific--no, anti-scientific--BS.

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