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Do something positive with your "Panic Pork", buy a shiny new US 1 ounce Gold Eagle coin.....or a shitload of Pabst Blue Ribbon! (I confess, I'm still weighing both options)

I had the exact same thought when I saw that not only was there bipartisanship on this, but it wasn't even a "one side capitulated" bipartisanship.

Or you could do what you're not "supposed" to do with it and put it into savings, or invest it, or use it to pay off debt. That's what we at the House of Squidley will be doing when the gummint pays off its interest-free loan to us.

In any case, an astute observation, Tom. However, the money will, in all likelihood, never be repaid--and this is a Good Thing. You see, the gummint will just roll over the debt by issuing new bonds. Now, who will own most of those bonds?

A. The Chinee and other eeevil ferriners.
B. The Japanese, British, and other friendly ferriners.
C. 'Murcans.

The correct answer is, of course, D. The Federal Gummint. Lookie-see here. The breakdown on current ownership of the US debt is as follows:

US Government: 45%
American citizens: 28%
Foreigners: 27%, with the Japanese, Chinese, and British in the top 3 positions.

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