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That's why Clinton was always so popular.. he thinks like a guy.

Bill Clinton not only thinks like a guy, he is a guy. He jogs because his wife's worried about his weight, but ends up at McDonald's having a Big Mac, for heaven's sake. If there's anything more guy than that -- at least, the doesn't involve explosions -- I'll be damned if I know what it is.

There's one thing that's more "guy" than jogging to McDonald's but I think Ken Starr has already covered that pretty well.

Not surprisingly, I have a bit of a different view. Clinton is a pussy. Lets face it, it has been clear from the start of this campaign that he didn't want HRC to be president. The only thing she could do accomplish would be to screw things up and diminish his "accomplishments" or preform better and make him look like he was second best in the family. Plus, he has to spend the next four years, running around the world holding Hill's handbag. In other words, no upside.

Any real man would have the cojones to put his foot down and say, "no ma'am you ain't runnin for pres cuz that was my gig. I'm happy to humor you with the senate bit, but that's it". Instead, Clinton makes a series of uncharacteristic gaffs, performs lacklusterly in rallies and generally does what he can to submarine HRC's efforts.

Clinton's a guy, but he's no man. In older parlance, he's a cad; in modern parlance--well, this is a family blog, so....

For an excellent definition of man, see Kim du Toit's most-linked rant, The Pussification Of The Western Male.

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