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I'm as republican as they come and I don't give a damn about his experience. The only thing that matters to me about Obama is that he is yet another far left liberal with very few new ideas except pull out of Iraq and throw money at every other problem in America or the world.

Of course you're going to get virtually the same thing out of McCain, so it's really not going to matter.

John McCain is a man who dreams of a world filled with happy Democrats and insulted Republicans. His message, as summarized by Pat Buchanan, is this:

1. The jobs will never come back.
2. The illegal aliens will never leave.
3. The war will never end.

John McCain spent five and a half years as a POW, including two years of solitary confinement. He was also tortured repeatedly. No one comes out of an experience like that whole.

McCain cheated on his first wife and left her, thereby alienating their children. The kids refused to attend his second wedding.

McCain has already had two incidents of malignant melanoma and is at high risk for more. While melanoma is a highly treatable form of cancer if found early, it's not a sign of good health.

McCain says he's changed his position on amnesty for illegal aliens, but his appointment of the Mexican dual national Juan Hernandez as his "Hispanic outreach director" says otherwise. Hernandez once fulfilled much the same duty--i.e., working on behalf of Mexicans in the US--for former Mexican President Vicente Fox. This means Hernandez has sworn an oath of allegiance to Mexico and its constitution. Once upon a time, taking such an oath would have resulted in being stripped of your US citizenship. Is this the kind of person we want around our president?

John McCain is anti-American, pro-Hispanic, opposed to assimilation, and is opposed to the actual historic people and culture of the United States.

God save us from this Revelation-like beast.

Convenient how Democrats, confronting the possibility of an Obama candidacy, suddenly think experience -- particularly foreign policy experience -- is not important in a President, isn't it? That wasn't how they felt when George W. Bush was running. But now, well, it's the whole ballgame.

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