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Jeez, that is so true about Frankie Valli. He and the group did the national anthem at some bowl game last week. It was the single worst version ever.

I can't believe that a state that produced Sinatra and Springsteen has to also claim Frankie Valli. Or that he's still performing. Isn't he like 80 now? I bet those falsetto notes sound really good these days.

Modern America apologizing for slavery is like the modern French apologizing for the Norman invasion. It's a pointless, meaningless activity.

Unfortunately, it's part of the anti-American meme that has spread through the land. No liberal can see any of the greatness of premodern America, regardless of its flaws; for them, all that is Good and Just started no earlier than the Cultural Revolution of the 60s. It's a sick and demented worldview that can end only in one of two ways: either the destruction of America or the death of liberalism.

I'm rooting for the latter.

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