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Obsess much?

Water boarding has been used a grand total of three times, and not at all in the last five years. It was used against the three most senior leaders of Al Qaeda we had in captivity because of the imminent threat their organization posed to the United States, and as a result they provided actionable intelligence that helped to prevent further death and destruction. It has since been removed from policy and is not used.

On the other hand, there have been more reporters subject themselves to water boarding than there were terrorists forced to undergo it by interrogators, and I've not heard of any of them claiming long term psychological or physical harm after going through the process.

So really my point is this; someone is making a controversy out of nothing.

Let's get this straight: People who denied that they tortured say Ok, we tortured but only three times, and you think we should believe them without independent investigation.

And the evidence of actionable intelligence is...uh, well, nonexistent, except that the proven liars say it's true and we should believe them.

And we should sacrifice our freedoms and rights in exchange for physical safety while we wave the flag and say, apparently ironically, that we prize freedom above all else.

And the people who are most anxious to give the government unlimited power are people who pride themselves on their belief in small government.

Can't you see just a little bit how screwed up that is, Frank?

"And the evidence of actionable intelligence is...uh, well, nonexistent, except that the proven liars say it's true and we should believe them."

Um no. Hayden testified under oath that waterboarding led to the capture of KSM. No I suppose we're taking his word for it, but unless you can site a specific lie that Mr. Hayden told, I think I'll accept this point.

Simple math, Tom.

x = number of senior al Qaeda waterboarded
y = number of Americans killed by Al Qaeda attacks after 9/11 on American soil.

x = 3
x + y = 3
therefore y = 0

So only three Al Qaeda members waterboarded equals zero Americans killed by Al Qaeda on American soil.

I like that number: zero.

So, Lee, you assume that the waterboarding is the cause of there being no terrorist attacks (well, except for the anthrax thing) on the United States. Your evidence for that is what? And, taking your logic out a step further, if we allow three waterboardings per year can we safely cease all other anti-terrorist activities?

All of which is beside the point, which is: Waterboarding is torture. Torture is illegal. The Department of Justice is declining to investigate a crime because the Department of Justice decided it should be legal. This is a legal power you're about to hand over to every subsequent Justice Department. Do you think that's wise?

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