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She's lucky that she is still with us at all! Given the propensity of the police these days to tase the shit out of anyone who even shoots them a dirty look!

Welcome to Soviet America!

I understand your confusion living in Kentucky and all. In the civilized world we tend to like neighbors who take care of their yards, and if roughing up recalcitrent codgers is what it takes to enforce standards, then we're up to the task!

Holy. Freaking. Cow.

Lesson 1: Don't mess with Mormons.
Lesson 2: Don't move to Utah.

Oh, oops! I guess now I'm being a bigotâ„¢ because I said an uncomplimentary thing about a group. I'll just have to learn to watch myself a little better.

I don't find your comment bigoted, Squid - just bizarre. Utah's the great center of Mormonism, sure, but the religion isn't so prevalent even there that I'd read any old news article about something going on there and think of them.

S'just like hearing a news story about cop corruption in Palermo, Italy and thinking, "Don't mess with the Catholics." Even for jest, as your comment was, I wouldn't have thought of the Vatican.

So no, not judging you - just slightly surprised by how much differently your mind works.

Um, it was an off-the-cuff remark intended to be humorous. As you point out, Utah is known for having lots of Mormons.

I was poking fun at you in my follow-up because I know you are sometimes offended by my comments. Not trying to offend--it's just a natural consequence of the clash of ideologies.

Dave Barry comment: Would "Squidley and the Clash of Ideologies" be a good name for a band?

Well, this story goes way back to last summer when the woman was first arrested. She was refusing to water her yard because; a) we had, (have) a drought going on and, b) where she lives, she doesn't have the unmetered, secondary water for lawns and she had to pay through her water meter to keep her grass green. She made a financial decision to not water so she could eat and keep the lights turned on.

Her arrest, physical abuse and subsequent fine are all crimes against common sense and smart government.

Her arrest, abuse, and fine are also all part of the increasing totalitarianism that is rapidly spreading under the liberal world order. Appalling that it would happen someplace as (seemingly) "conservative" as Utah.

Would Barney Fife have treated harmless Mrs. O'Lady this way?

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