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Which is why you've never heard of this nut job before today.

He no more represents main stream conservatives than code pink represents your average American Democrat.

I listen to this nutjob every Sunday night for the entertainment value. The guy is so over the top to the point of funny. Sadly, I suspect a lot of listeners take him for the gospel truth.

Now Frank... you know how it goes. When a nutjob claims to be conservative, he speaks for ALL republicans. When a nutjob claims to be a democrat they don't speak for the party..unless of course that nutjob is Howard Dean... YEAAAGHHHHHH!!! :rolleyes"

Typical liberal double standard.

The point of this is not that all conservatives are crackpots. It's that the crackpots have become the face of conservatism. There are lots of reasons for that, including the right's obsession with ideological purity (no compromisers allowed) and the conservative media's strategy of defining conservatism as "that which is irritating to liberals." The result is an unappealing set of radical and obnoxious spokesmen. (It's fitting we're having this discussion the day the reasonable and polite WFB died.)

The Democrats went through exactly this kind of thing a few years ago. Remember when the faces of liberalism were Al Sharpton and various angry anarchists vandalizing power plants? Dems were pretty unappealing back then, and for the last 15 years or so the big battle in liberal circles has been bringing liberalism back into the mainstream. (That's why righties are trying to turn Barack Obama into an angry black radical. Call it the Good Old Days strategy.) Look at the faces of liberalism today; they're almost pathologically reasonable. (That's another argument going on in the party. There are those who think we've gotten too reasonable.)

I, personally, miss reasonable, joyful conservatives.

Watch the parade of crazies on Fox TV. Listen to the dominant conservative voices on talk radio. These are not people who are going to appeal to the mainstream any more than Al Sharpton was going to appeal to the mainstream. That's the point I was making. That's why conservatives are so far out in the wilderness right now, and why they're going to stay there until they drive the crazies out of the village. Calm these guys down a little -- dial down the invective, anger and bitterness -- and conservatism will regain it's mainstream appeal. But as long as guys like this are the face of conservatism, being a conservative is going to suck as bad as being a liberal sucked under Reagan.

No, you watch the crazies on Fox. I've got enough of my own opinions, I sure don't need anybody else's.

Now reading the article you linked, I expected all kinds of n-words and racist stuff. As it turns out Cunningham pointedly referred to the Democratic candidate by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, called him a "hack" and suggested he received "sweetheart deals" as a Chicago politician.

Why, that cad! Calling a politician a hack. Which, we've learned that he is, here on this blog. "Present" and all.

No, what gets me is this very elitist idea that you hold, Tom, that Americans are just too stupid not to associate Hussein with Hussein, or Obama with Osama. I guess that's why it's a big whoop deal. But I even heard on the radio that the little dweebie guy who does Kiddie News on the cartoon channel used it as a joke on the Oscars. Is that ok because it was used in the service of making Hollywood people laugh? I haven't seen a post about it from you. Maybe it's only bad if a conservative uses it for laughs in front of the fly-overs?

Well, Tom is exactly an equal opportunity outrager guys. I mean unless he just hasn't gotten around to posting his outrage about O'Bama's endorser Louis Farrakan. Cuz say what you will about the dude on the clip above, I don't think he has ever talked about gutter religions, and been involved in the murder of a rival co-religionist.

Of course, I might just be getting too caught up in the details and all.

It's not just what he said. It's how he says it. The guy is a lunatic.

Yes he is a lunatic... no one has disputed that. But he no more speaks for all Republicans than I do.

When did Hillary become "pathologically reasonable"? and she is certainly one of the "faces of liberalism".

So let me get this straight; liberals have been trying to become more reasonable by openly embracing moveon.org, code pink, Cindy Sheehan, Hugo Chavez, inviting Ahmanutjob to speak in our Universities,and promote the likes of Keith Olberman on tv, but it's conservatives who have crackpots as the face of our movement?

I think I'll take our crackpots over yours any day.

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