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The problem is the way they title these things. Unsexiest celebrity I can see, but unsexiest in the world is definitely a stretch.

And she must wear a faded T-shirt featuring a character from Looney Tunes, preferably Tweety Bird.

I'd have to agree that she's up there in the unsexiest celebrity contest--which is odd, because she was a total hottie in LA Story. I guess she didn't age well.

As far as I'm concerned, Nicole Richie takes top spot in my book. Why is she famous, anyway? I only know the name and face from the tabloids at the supermarket.

Because her father is Lionel Richie and she was BFF with Paris Hilton. They had a series called "The Simple Life" where they lived with "ordinary" people, did chores, got jobs, etc. Basically they spent an hour each week demonstrating what spoiled brats they were. I never understood why people liked that show, other than to watch the train wreck that was their lives.

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