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Try it, Tom: Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey. It's relatively painless and it will get Pursuit and Frank and Scott off your back. If he was a Republican you would have it in the first sentence. I may be an America-hating liberal but I'm a fair America-hating liberal.

This is why I could never be a swinger; these people have no taste!

Sure, sounds interesting at the start, particularly if the gender balance is tipped towards your orientation, but the more you find out about these people, the worse it gets. Makes sense when you think about it, basically they're gluttons. Kind of like the fat kid in the lunch room who was so busy stuffing his face that he never stopped to consider that those Fluffernutters dripping down his chins were disgusting.

typically began with dinner at T.G.I. Friday's

That was the exact line that got my attention, too. I seriously sat at my desk, laughing out loud at that. It sounds like a middle school date, not the governor's trist.

And a note to Wally, I didn't state his political party when I gave the tip, either. We all know he's a Democrat, because we're all political junkies. His party had absolutely no bearing on why I found the entire thing hilarious. The tipping point for me was T.G.I. Friday's.

Frank, surely you know about Don Surber's Name that Party. He's documented that Republican officeholding miscreants are so named in newspaper articles within the first three paragraphs, and Democratic office-holding miscreants are not named until towards the end of the article, if at all. Since some papers will cut the last few paragraphs of wire stories, and since many readers don't read articles to the end, placement of Democratic party affiliation at the end is tantamount to not mentioning it at all.

Besides, some of us don't give a rat's patoot about East Coast politics. Last I knew, Mario Cuomo was NY's governor. Whappend? ;-)

Yes, I know about Name The Party. I find it amusing that it happens so often in main stream news stories, as if no one is ever going to find out whether the offending politician is D or R if they just forget to mention the D. But for the purpose of this blog I rarely find it necessary to state anyone's political affiliation since we're all junkies and already know it.

Just holding F/A to the higher standard we expect. And what is with these guys? Whatever happened to country inns and romantic candle light dinners. Why not just drive through a Wendys and get it on in the back of the SUV with official plates?

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