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She's already positioning it that way. It's driving me nuts! Great site.

Ok, I'll take the bait. I think the results will show a small trend back to Hillary. She will do better than expected taking Ohio in greater numbers than polling indicated, and a virtual tie, to ever-so-slight victory in Texas. This will completely screw up the Democratic delegate calculus spinning Wolf Blitzer into a masturbatory frenzy unseen since Limbaugh saw the Dukakis tank video.

O'Bama forces will attribute the results to Republican meddling (the forces of the politics of cynicism donchaknow), but the initial stages of buyers remorse will be closer to the truth.

Go Hildebeast go! Go Ralphie go!

Well hey even if you're wrong you can still hold on to your dream of being a network pundit. There are no qualifications required to be one after all.

And what's more, Jessica, there are no consequences whatsoever for being stunningly, bogglingly, and consistently wrong.

I think Tom's standards are a wee higher--though if he were to limit his statements to media bias, he'd be right on the network pundit money.

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