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Well done.


Damn! You beat me to it Scott. Interesting this development has not seen widespread publicity don't you think?

None-the-less, Tom's basic point is correct. I assume we won't be reading about evil oil companies at FA!

While I agree with the bulk of this post, my personal favorite for Bush administration failures is the propagation of the disinformation that Islam is "the religion of peace™."

Failure to understand the nature of Islam and its inherent antagonism to the West leads us to insane contradictions, like conducting military action to "prevent" further Islamic terrorism while continuing to allow Moslems, who are the ones carring out Islamic terrorism, into the US.

W: not only a profoundly unthinking, unreflective man, but one who causes the same intellectual shortcomings in those around him.

Not really that surprising -- all of Our Progressive Betters get to keep scolding when nobody knows we're sitting on an ocean of oil.

And blaming Bush for not turning down the thermostats and wearing sweaters and dropping the speed limit to 55.

And I forgot this in my initial comment -- there is too another way to lower the price of gasoline besides use less and that's make more of it - the supply-side of the equation. But you know? It's not going to be acknowledged by the finger-waggers, since supply-side doesn't really exist in their zero-sum games. That's industrial, and stinky, and shoulder-to-the-wheel type of stuff.

Bah - piss on 'em. I'm moving to NoDak.

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