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Because it's my area, I've searched [the McCain] campaign's web site for his view relating to the information and communications technology sector of the economy, about one-sixth of the whole American economy

In sum, [McCain] has long appeared to be against using law, regulation, spending or tax policy to encourage competition, innovation, educational technology, or widespread access to common mediums of communication.

Dude seems put out because McCain isn't promising any free lunches for his industry. It's called Laissez-faire economics. A president with no plans to muck about with one-sixth of the economy -- I pray to God it's true.

As for 'no one anywhere' advocating the taxation of text messages, I'm aware of efforts to do just that in Italy, Belgium and Malaysia. Hell, a proposal to implement such taxes nearly brought down the Philippine government. And stupid ideas, like Mexican fruit pickers, eventually find their way across our borders.

Wow, even for you that statement was......oh, wait, I promised to be nice this year. Don't ask how that whole thing is going.

Anyway, the last time the gov. got into communications policy, Algore added 5 bucks to my phone bill to build out the internet. Paying it to this day. McCain wants to leave the business on it's own? Sign me up baby, and while we're at it, lets end government enforced local cable monopolies.

So, to recap: Vote for John McCain because he'll fight Malaysian email taxes!

No, vote for McCain because he actually has some qualifications for the job.

So, to recap: John McCain -- He's wrong on all the issues, but at least he's really old.

Am I getting this right?

Yes, you are. McCain was old and tired 8 years ago; now, he just sounds like the mean old guy down the street who hollers at the young whippersnappers to stay out of his yard.

A vote for McCain will be a vote for the destruction of both conservatism and the Republican party. While I wouldn't mind seeing the latter go--it serves no useful function in its current form--I shudder to think how much closer we will veer towards the European model of unrepresentative PC socialism without a meaningful, conservative opposition.

Aw, Squid: Now you're just trying to get me to vote Republican.

LOL, Tom. You'll vote Republican on the same day I wear a dress in a gay pride parade.

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