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My new favorite is "scorched earth" - 3 Rings Reserve Shiraz 96 pts RMPjr WA $57
Shameless plug- I have it in stock

BTW, maybe the lunch lady description was an April Fool's thing?

This list made me think of one of my favorite dumb movies, Anchorman.

How are you? You look awfully nice today. Maybe don't wear a bra next time... No, I was talking to you. No, not her. I don't know her name. What is it? Lanolin? Lanolin? Like sheep's wool?

Also, Forest Floor? Seriously? It tastes like dirt, moss and deer piss? And who is out tasting the forest floor so they have a point of reference?

I'd like to add "horse piss" - I had a really bad Australian Chardonnay once.


Despite the fact that I strongly believe Parker is a fraud, I'd like to try a Wally favorite. Let me know how to get some from you.

Just for the record, "Cat Pee" is a descriptor of a distinct trait, usually of Riesling. It's a compliment.

Just for the record, "Cat Pee" is a descriptor of a distinct trait, usually of Sauvignon Blanc (NZ or Loire, typically). Riesling is usually associated with fusel oil, petrol or benzine. Back to the books, rookie.
On the other hand I need to know whether to put the "." before or after the ")". I know you know that stuff.

So you mean the Riesling I've been drinking that smells of cat pee is...oh, it's too horrible to contemplate.

the placement of punctuation inside or outside the quotes is more a style question than one of grammar. Most style manuals put the punctuation inside the quotes, based -- I believe -- on the "it looks funny the other way" principle. I, personally, think it makes sense -- particularly with question marks -- to put the punctuation outside of the quotation marks, since putting the "?" inside the quotes would seem to indicate that the quote itself had been a question.

It is, most assuredly, a subject of lively debate around the Ambivalent household, especially when no one is there but me.

Finally, when it comes to correcting spelling in comments I generally do whatever makes me look better. It's my blog, after all. So, in cases like this, where a commentor is making me look bad, I leave spelling errors like "fusel oil" intact so that the commentor will look relatively bone-headed. I'm sure you meant "petrol," but it's to my advantage to let you hang. So: hang away, ass hole.

We haven't argued in a long time. I forgot how much I like it. Especially when I'm right. Wine geeks usually incorrectly refer to "fusil" which has to do with melting or flintlocks. Fusel oil is a low-grade distillate that sharse the peculiar aromatic common to Alsatian wines.

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