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Something I forgot to add to that comment, and a fact that I know will shock you, is that I have been a registered Republican since 1987. I have, however, voted for at least 1 Democrat that I can think of. He was the PVA for the county I lived in. See, even I can cross over. :-)

As yes, enlightenment. That's the ticket. give us a modern day Plato or Socrates to put an end to this barbaric practice.

Or maybe not:

A story is told of Socrates wading into the public bath in Athens. Following him, a young man tapped Socrates on the shoulder and says, "Socrates, can I be your disciple?" Socrates wheeled around, grabed the young man's head and thrust it under the water. He held the struggling man under until the bubbles started to surface.

Finally, when there was virtually no hope left, Socrates pulled the young man up out of the water and said, eye to eye, "Young man, when you desire truth as much as you desired air, then you can be my disciple."


Man, I don't know who this Socrates guy is, but if he was runnin the CIA instead of Tenet, this whole thing might be over! Is he available?

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