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This is why I read F/A;

"Whatever Obama's plan is,"

In half a sentence Tom humorously sums up the O'Bama campaign. Well done muchacho.

Yes, Pursuit, we should all run toward the candidate who's most specific. That would Carter over Reagan, for example, or Hillary over McCain.

Every election cycle, Republicans bitch about Democrats not having any ideas, and Democrats respond by publishing white papers , creating a policy for every problem. Those specifics then become fodder for attack adds and ridicule -- and deservedly so. Politics is a dynamic, cooperative art form. You don't get to put your policies in place without other people being involved. There's a level of specificity that is impractical, as the details are negotiable and that negotiation is the valuable skill of politicians.

Watch McCain's latest TV ad. Then go find specifics on how he's going to accomplish all those magical things -- especially the part about lowering energy costs. You won't find them, of course. You also won't find any of the conservatives who criticize Obama for being non-specific criticizing McCain for the same thing.

So, yes, please, go after Obama for another thing that doesn't matter even a little bit. Raise another irrelevancy. Demonstrate again that all conservatives have is the ability to sneer and belittle. It's a great strategy to get 35% of the vote.

Look, the guy is an empty suit. I'm not sneering or belittling, just pointing out a simple fact. If you're happy with this sort of candidate, then fine don't attack me for stating a simple fact because, remember, you Democrats aren't angry at all! Nope, it's the rest of us who are angry. Got to stay on message dude.

So, the Democrats are about to nominate a thin resumed, shallow candidate who has lied about multiple issues in the campaign to date, and gets quite agitated whenever he is questioned to provide more details, or lands in a corner of his own construction. One piece of advice: You might want to actually win a campaign - just one - before you start celebrating.

An empty suit. U Chicago let an empty suit teach their Constitutional Law courses? Maybe if it gets elected this sartorial tabula rasa can restore some of the Bill of Rights on its way to the dry cleaners.

What, exactly, has Obama's message been? "Change!" Hate to point it out, but since W will be out in January, whoever sits in the Oval Office next will be a "change."

Obama also prattles on about "hope." Very specific, that.

This magic negro is a post-racial man who will free us of our sins and our guilt, so ignore that bit about his being a member, for half of his life, of a church that wouldn't accept his own mother through the doors. Forget that his close spiritual mentor, and much of the company he keeps, is profoundly anti-American. Pay no attention to the fact that if it weren't for Affirmative Action, he would never have gotten where he is today. Never mind his rating as the most liberal senator. Ignore his non-record in the Senate, where he has sponsored or co-sponsored exactly zero pieces of legislation, or his 116 (or so) "present" votes in the Illinois legislature.

Quite the resume, quite the record. In a rational world, he would have as much a chance of being elected president as I would have of flapping my arms and flying to the moon. But liberalism is an irrational ideology.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.: no empty suit, this: he's anti-American! Anti-white! Unqualified! His appalling record is there for all to see, and in spite of his utter unsuitability, he's probably going to be our next president.

Pass the fiddle, Nero--I think I see a fire.

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