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I find things like this amusing at best. Most of the time it seems that the person doing the publishing has a leftist slant and the point of the study is to prove that right wing=low iq or that literalist interpretations of the bible = low iq or my personal favorite, that gun owners are of lower iq.

I guess it helps to feed their egos when they produce "evidence" that those who disagree with them are obviously of sub standard iq, and therefor are just not equipped to understand why they are wrong.

i'm a right-wing libertarian conservative atheist actually (posted that chart). and right, many people like the chart because it reinforces their preconceptions. but so what? doesn't mean it's wrong. i have a follow up post with more denominations which shows the same trend for proportion of post-graduate degrees.


F/A hits the big time....a cross posting from GNXP!

From Razib no less!

If Razib was so smart he'd be using that kind of analysis to run his hedge fund.

If Razib was so smart he'd be using that kind of analysis to run his hedge fund.

hedge funds are marketing, not analysis. ;-)

I don't necessarily believe the chart because I've not found faith or the lack of faith to correlate with intelligence. In fact, I believe that those who see the world only in literal, scientific terms are missing something -- imagination, perhaps, or a spiritual sensitivity that appears to be hard-wired into most people.

All of that said, I like that this chart implies that I -- a Lutheran -- am smarter than the Baptists who control Kentucky and make it impossible for me to order wine over the Internet. If anyone knows where I can find a chart that demonstrates that Lutherans are better looking than Baptists, let me know and I'll post it.

Your Baptist overlords are controlling you with simple charts proclaiming your superiority, while they reap the benefits of power - at least the power one gets in controlling a back water.

Rise up! Throw off the shackles of vanity! You too can control the land of trailer parks and mall pants!

"Backwater." That's the word. Not "back water." I have no idea what "back water" is, except that it might be something like toe cheese or ear wax.

Lutherans in Kentucky are few and far between, trust me. I believe my church (Holy Trinity) may be the only one in Oldham County.

I like that this chart implies that I -- a Lutheran -- am smarter than the Baptists

it doesn't imply that about you. it implies a difference in expectation, but not THAT much. you know what an r-squared is, right?

Though I would think a Lutheran to be more inclined to beer than wine.


You know what a joke is, right?



Well, there you go! Another reason I read your blog....its....Kentuckian flair! Thanks bunches for the correction, having no experience in all things back wat...oops! backwaterian I was completely clueless.

But you, you my man are the dude! Perhaps you could help me with some other words: Hill Billy, Moon Shine and Trailer Park come to mind. No need to weigh in on what to do when relatives wed, but if it comes up, I know where to go for help!

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