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I think President Bush WILL be more kindly looked upon later in history. I think the idea of his being elevated to the Pantheon is extremely unlikely, but with time comes a little more perspective - and it will at least be obvious that he is not the "worst president in U.S. history" or the scariest, etc. The hyperbole that's attached itself to him will slide off.

And I think you're being unkindly misleading concerning the above quote. President Bush is not saying that he has "sacrificed", is not putting it on level with that mother's sacrifice; he is saying that as commander-in-chief, it is important for him not to project a certain image, and he is right. You don't want to see a photo of your commander playing golf while you're at war. You understand that he is not fasting on bread and water for you and abstaining from all mirth - you wouldn't even expect it - but carefree images do give the wrong signal.

W will be looked upon more kindly by history than by current liberals who call him "Bu$Hitler," etc. However, he's still going to be somewhere among the worst--above Carter but below Hoover.

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