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I have to admit, the Chenney jokes are pretty funny. And now I'm going to have to follow your little love fest over there and see how it goes for you.

I read them and laughed. They are good.

You've really livened things up at 4BW, Tom!

That's my mission: Keep things lively on other blogs.

I find your name-calling ("angry, embittered") to be the most telling thing of all, since it was nothing of the sort, not from Mr. McMahon. Your strident, unnecessary defense of RFK is secondary -- more of that Camelot streak of yours.

The fact that you couldn't graciously accept defeat about the Cheney heart-attack jokes are entirely tertiary, but not unexpected, since I'm sure the jokes were unheard by your stoppered ears.

Uh, well, gee there, Scott. I wasn't describing Mr. McMahon as angry and embittered, since it wasn't Mr. McMahon I was snitting with, but a commentor calling himself Fred Mertz. And I have no idea what strident, unnecessary defense of RFK you're talking about since, unless you're using the initials "RFK" to stand for something other than the standard "Robert F Kennedy," I've never written any kind of defense of RFK in my life.

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