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You are absolutely right that people at opposite sides of the political spectrum are virtually unable to perceive what the other side is going on about. It happens in theoretical fields as well: sometimes, the theories are based on such incompatible assumptions that there is no common ground for people to stand on.

I think that sums up the conservative/liberal schism pretty well: no common ground to base mutual understanding on.

You're close.

Congregations are more liberal or conservative based on how much they believe the world view of the people in the Bible.

Which is to say, some people believe the boy healed by Jesus had epilepsy; others believe he had a demon. Some believe the Ten Plagues were magic; others believe that at God's command they occurred naturally.

Thus the conservative side tends to see things in light of spiritual warfare whereas the liberals tend to view the Good Fight in terms of human evil.

You can encapsulate the whole dichotomy with one question: when you get sick, who do you call first - your doctor or your pastor?

Most American congregations are toward the middle of that question ("Um... both!"), with the liberal congregations going far-left and verging on lack of belief in the Bible as a God-breathed text.

You're forming an entire world view on based on two church services at a moment in time in Kentucky? I think you've got to get out more.

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