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Fort Collins, Colorado, is a large-city? Stamford, Connecticut?

The whole thing sounds a little bogus if you ask me.

I fly in to Albuquerque a couple times a year and drive through Louisville a few times a year. While I like both cities, Albuquerque definitely has a better view. But I'm partial to brown and mountains.

I have lived in a number of the cities listed, as well as overseas. I tend to agree that Louisville was one of the nicest places we've lived. Great restaurants, good theatre, convenient, great BBQ. Hey F/A, how's about sending some of that Feed Store BBQ sauce our way?

Hey to Mrs. F/A...


Lynn's is way good stuff. Never was tacky done so well.

Iowa City could a been a contender until we became Atlantis.

So "Low-vull" is the final resting place of vikings who died in battle?

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