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A Republican gets engaged. Means he's gay.

What next Tom?

I didn't conclude he was gay. I concluded he was unstable.

What was interesting about this is that, as a conservative, he's apparently more horrified of being gay than he is of being unstable. Being gay is such a horrible thing, to family values Republicans, that they consider four engagements and a less-than-one-year marriage as a more attractive option than a stable, loving gay relationship. As a manifestation of family values, that's maybe just a little bit ironic.

Hence, my amusement.

Right, he only got engaged and/or married because someone said he was gay.

The sad thing is, you actually believe that.

I, personally, will find the irony entertaining should Senator McCain name Governor Crist his running mate. I'll enjoy the irony because for 20 years I've thought the Republican "family values" positioning was a load of crap. An offensive load of crap, in fact.

As I've mentioned before, I'm tired of being lectured on family values by the crowd of weirdos that has lead the Republican Party since the Ronald Reagan and his dysfunctional family: Gingrich and his third wife, Limbaugh and his third wife, Hyde and his "youthful indiscretion" that lasted 20 years.

Here we have a guy on the short list to become #2 in the party of family values, and he's not exactly Ozzie & Harriet, is he?

For 20 years I've played Ozzie in my personal life while Republican deviates -- by the Republican definition of "deviate" -- have lectured me on my morals. I'm enjoying this immeasurably.

I enjoy the irony of lectures from someone like Limbaugh as well, but Crist having a few broken engagements is not exactly the epitome of hypocrisy when it comes to family values. He had a failed marriage and then apparently couldn't commit to anyone else, maybe out of whatever residual baggage he carries from that first marriage. Who knows. But it doesn't exactly make him a deviant that he's managed to screw up a few engagements.

And I have this to say about your lecture on family values.. that the messenger is flawed does not make the message wrong. Gingrich and Limbaugh may be lousy husbands, but if they claim that being faithful to your wife is the best policy, that doesn't make what they say wrong. It makes them look dumb, but maybe it's also a "Hey, look. I screwed up my life several times, maybe you should try to not do what I did." Hell, I give that lecture to my kids all the time. I have made a million mistakes in my life and am doing all that I can to show my kids that what I did was wrong and they should try to avoid that behavior.

Or, you know, we could all just take the easy route and point and laugh.

Some people in the punditocracy pointed out that Rudy Giuliani's personal life is an immoral mess, worse even than Bill Clinton's, and that disqualified him from the presidency. If Rudy were elected, it would kill the Republican party's claim to being the values party--another reason not to choose him as their candidate. (Of course, most "conservative" pundits were aboard the "Rudy is inevitable" bandwagon, making it difficult for them to see his glaring flaws, and, worst of all, causing them to ignore his numerous rivals and their attendant flaws.)

Be that as it may, are you saying, Tom, that the traditional family is unimportant? Oh, wait--you already answered that question with your unwavering support for two men to engage in state-sanctioned sodomy.

Homosexuality is wrong, and you know it's wrong; you've just deceived yourself into thinking otherwise. Answer me this, Tom: how would you feel if one day F/A Jr. came home "married" to a man? If your feelings would be any different than if he came home married to a woman, then that is all the evidence you need to show you that you still know, somewhere inside you, that homosexuality is wrong.

Tom what you may find fascinating about moral hypocrisy is that if you were to read the comment section of a post on the subject such as this, you would be amazed at the sheer volume of homophobia presented by those of the party who strut around patting themselves on the back about their acceptance of homosexuals.

Although, I would admit, the greater irony here is using a website founded by Arianna Huffington to make my point here.

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