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Queery: Can we use said term to describe what happens when a slightly inebriated Andrew Sullivan, is oogling a "bear" while walking too close to the pool at the P-Town Shang-Gri-Lah?

Oh my. Where did the above comment come from?

Point of parliamentary procedure: Do you have any objection to the commentariat referring to political backtracking as "Thonging"?

In your post you use the offending phrase 7 times and then in an apparent polf-plif you have banned it

Just a little joke Fish. Towel off, breathe into a paper bag, and try to think pure thoughts. Okay?

I did that to give my regulars a chance to call me a hypocrite. It's just my way of saying "thanks."


I'm fine. Thanks for asking. I was just curious what prompted that particular image.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

So I can't mention my special diving board move, where I leap into the air, do a front flip onto my stomach for a belly-flop: the flip-flop?

Nobody loves a wiseguy, Matt. That's why I have to blog.

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