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Dude, I'm usually onboard with the majority of your posts. That said, respect for the office notwithstanding, I hope they follow through!

Is there anything about recent behavior by Democrats that makes you think that respect for mainstream America plays any part in their decision-making processes?

Democrats are the party of special interests and identity groups: the poor, blacks, "Hispanics," Jews, Moslems, homosexuals, American Indians, feminists, environmentalists, and atheists, not to mention trial lawyers, schoolteachers, welfare recipients, government employees, and the like. All of these groups have a vested interest in either toppling WASPs from their dominant position, expanding government programs, or both. Note that neither "doing what's best for America" nor "doing what the majority wants" enter into the calculation.

This is why some people refer to the Democrats as the Evil Party. (These same people usually refer to Republicans as the Stupid Party, so I hardly think they're partisan ideologues.)

Maybe vacation is having a good effect on me. Your point is sinking in and I agree. Historians will document this administration's legacy. We don't need a verdict from city councilmen right now.

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