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Compliment Obama: The Obama camp plays the race card. (and yes Tom, the title of this entry was playing the race card).

Ask Obama about basketball: Play the race card.

Criticize Obama: Play the race card.

Not that the Obama camp's platform is predictable or anything.

The thing that's funny here about what the McCain campaign said is that they went out of their way to "concede" -- a word that implies grudging acquiescence -- two things that really should be basic until proven otherwise: the candidate is patriotic and a person of good character.

Allow me to fall to the ground in gratitude.

"Mighty white of you" has always struck me as a funny thing to say, about the weakest praise one could offer. I'm not sure "white" even started off as a racial reference, but it certainly has become one.

All of that said, I'm not sure how my weak humor became "playing the race card." And, to be honest, I think you're hallucinating that people "play the race card" any time someone criticizes Obama. People criticize him every day and the remarkable thing to me is not how often the race card is played, but how little it is. Seriously: He's putting the race hustlers out of business. Where's Jesse? Where's Al?

Read your comments: (emphasis added)

"I'm not sure "white" even started off as a racial reference, BUT IT CERTAINLY HAS BECOME ONE."

Followed by:

All of that said, I'm not sure how my weak humor became "playing the race card."

Which is it Tom? Either it was a racial reference (as you stated) or it wasn't (as you also stated).

I'm not hallucinating, I'm just not applying the double standard you apply, that's all.

Lots of things that didn't start with racial significance have ended up with racial significance. Take, for example, the noble lawn jockey, once a reference to the Underground Railroad, subsequently a symbol of racial subservience.

I suspect, without much reason, that "mighty white of you" might be a reference to "white" in the sense of "good," like the White Queen. Maybe not. One way or the other, it certainly is now a racial saying and I, personally, would not want to defend myself against an angry bar patron based on obscure etymology.

Apparently, I shouldn't have given-in to my tendency to historic pedantry.

All of that said, I'm still not sure what I did constitutes "playing the race card," which I take to mean using race to shut-off debate on one subject or another, or to immunize a person from criticism because of racial sensitivities. I don't think I did that in either of the posts under discussion.

I did make fun of conservative media talking with Obama about basketball and barbecue, under the title "It's like they never met a black person before." I didn't accuse them of racism; I was just getting a kick out of them. I continue to get a kick out of them. That may be snotty, but it's not "playing the race card."

Same for "Mighty white of you." It's mildly amusing, not worthy of a reaction of horror.

Again, Steve: you can criticize Obama and I won't call you a racist, unless your criticism is racist. For example, our friend Squidley's tendency to say that Obama isn't qualified to be President because he's not white. But if you want to call him a screaming liberal welfare state big government dickhead, you get to do that. You just can't call him a screaming liberal welfare state big government nappy haired dickhead.

Ok, well then in that case:

Obama is a screaming liberal welfare state big government dickhead.

And you still played the race card. As in, you continue to inject race into the discussion for no reason.

"Mighty white" of the McCain camp was the ONLY thing you could have said? I wonder,when Obama makes a similar poorly worded statement (and he will, all politicians do eventually) will you say he did it because he was black? Perhaps you'll compare him to the lawn jockey you reference in your comment above?

We both know you won't. Nor should you.

If I might be allowed to clarify myself.

I think that Obama is unqualified to be our president because he is an unaccomplished empty suit, a leftist who wants to turn high school and college students into serfs, and has gotten where he is almost entirely because of his race (Affirmative Action or otherwise). I think he is unqualified to be our president because he associates with racists, unrepentant terrorists, and anti-American ideologues.

I think that Obama is unqualified to be our representative because he is so extremely Other, so highly unrepresentative of normal America and normal Americans.

Finally, I believe that many Americans will not vote for him simply because he's black. I do not count myself among them, and I apologize if I gave that impression. As a matter of fact, I might have voted for Colin Powell, had he run, because I believe he is a man of honor, integrity, and accomplishment--three traits noticeably lacking in Obama. Powell could have been the first black president. Obama, on the other hand, is on his way to a McGovern-like defeat. He'll carry about a half-dozen states on the coasts, including big ones like New York and Mexifornia--but he's gonna get creamed in the heartland.

Heh. Man, I haven't heard the phrase "That's mighty white of you" in forever.

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