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And so ends the streak of my disagreeing with you on a political matter. You nailed this one.

WHAT? Can't we just print more money to pay all this off?

And this has been my biggest problem with Bush all along. His stupid "compassionate conservatism" meant, basically, give money to anyone and everything that came along, fiscal responsibility be damned. The man forgot was a veto was for the first six years of his presidency.

was=what in my alternate universe.

Totally agree. Compassionate conservative, is not only redundant, but also indicative of a man who is not conservative since the redundancy never occurs to him.

I would say that "compassionate conservative" is misleading Bushism for "liberal"--which is what W has been all along.

If elected, "Maverick" McCain will be Bush on steroids. He will finish the job W started: destroying conservatism from within.

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