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Tim Russert, too, before he became a saint. He asked Colin Powell and Barack Obama each a similar question when they were on MTP. It was about something Harry Belafonte had said.

How odd to have asked someone who was a star basketball player in high school, someone who still plays recreationally, about basketball! Why, it's downright racistâ„¢!

You do realize that O'Bama talks about basketball all the time don't you? He plays "as often as he can" thinks the Bulls new draft choice is "Jason Kidd with a jump shot", (a questionable assessment I'm told), and has been in a couple publications (NYT for one) talking about his personal assistant who was a starting defensive end for Duke, had a cup of coffee with the pro's (Cowboys I think) and.....wait....for...it.....played basketball(!) for Duke.

It's like a lot of guys, when there isn't much else to talk about, they talk about sports. On the positive side, at least lying (or boasting) is acceptable to a point. So, you know, he's got that goin' for him!

This is just a sign of what we are going to have to put up with throughout the election. Any time Fox News or a republican even mentions Obama's name someone on the left will cry racism.

I don't believe I said anything at all about racism, actually. The point of this was not racism. It's a small satire on white people's unfamiliarity with black people.

Overly enthusiastic bonding moments, when anyone talks with anyone about what they assume to be interested in or know about, is more often caused by a desire to please and be accepted than a desire to denigrate. Note the title of the posting. It refers not to scorn but to unfamiliarity.

I also confess to having a little fun with the conservative media. Like lots of little jokes, this one is not necessarily fair. As Pursuit noted, talking basketball with Obama -- an avid basketball player and fan, who has offered repeated photo ops of himself playing -- is not out of bounds.

I'm teasing, and teasing is like that.

And,, for the record, I Googled "Obama" and "watermelon," but came up empty.

Did you try "Obama" and "fried chicken"? ;-)

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