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"Pretend you're a pharmacist. You don't like birth control."

Gross mischaracterization. Let's try putting it how such people really think:

"Pretend you're a pharmacist. You are morally opposed to birth control because it goes against your deeply-held religious convictions."

I believe that they should not dispense medications they are morally opposed to. I also believe that their employers should fire them if said employers find the pharmacists' behavior is bad for business. Nobody said that living a moral life was easy, and I certainly don't believe that anyone is entitled to a job.

Also, to clarify, let's remember that in previous wars (or war-like conditions), people who tried to kill US troops without the benefit of wearing the uniform of a foreign country's armed forces were treated as spies. Spies, once captured, were tried and executed. There's no reason not to apply the same rules now.

Despite what Justice Kennedy and four other nitwits think, the US Constitution does not apply to foreigners who are not on US soil. (Excellent discussion and analysis here.) It makes no sense whatsoever to treat terrorism as crime, because terrorism is an act of war--and should be treated as such.

I agree, for the most part, with you and Squidly on this one. The pharmacist is free to object, on moral grounds, to dispensing certain medications. But the employer is just as free to tell the pharmacist to hit the road for damaging his business.

I feel the same way about Muslims who don't want to work at stores where they'll have to handle pork products, or don't want to drive taxis because they may have to transport dogs.

You are free to believe whatever you want, and have personal objects to activities; just don't expect to be able to work at any job you want and have your moral objections apply. Don't want to dispense birth control or the morning after pill? Don't be a pharmacist.

This is one more issue where I strongly disagree with the President.

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