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1 Dick Cheney changed that, plus McCain is nearing the average US male life expectancy.
2 Remember? The selling point was George W. Bush had experience in executive positions as governor and ceo of private corporations.

1. The previous schedule for presidential campaigns was primaries in the spring, fundraising until the conventions, then the campaigns would start in earnest after Labor Day. The thinking is that the vast majority of voters make up their minds by incumbency or party as soon as the candidates are known and the undecided don't make up their minds until the last ten days before the election. So June and July should be slack months. But today the news machine, in both professional and amateur forms, demands something new to discuss every day. So the VP selection process becomes headline news just to fill the time.

2. When a candidate's campaign staff sit down and try to determine a reason for voters to elect their guy and not vote for the other guy, there's no need for any consistency to past party positions.

Oh. Were those rhetorical questions?

HA! Wally wins.

Me, I'm still waiting on an explanation on the 20 years to oil thingy.

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