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Again, this is all just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic for the Republicans. Is there a secret ceremony where old senators pledge their dignity for a chance at eternal life if they will only serve as sacrificial lamb during presidential campaigns?

I think that Obama should look into Jindal, He's thought to be almost terrifyingly smart. Plus, anybody who looks like he should be running the "Kwik-E-Mart" and who can make Looosianans vote for him would appear to have a certain broad appeal.

He's like a cut-glass tumbler filled with Homogenized Vitamin D Milk.....He's Dan Quayle with a side of synthetic gravitas.

Have you ever thought about writing for a living?

Oh wait...never mind.

Someone getting a lot of talk-time on conservative blogs is Alaska governor Sarah Palin. She has executive experience, seems to be doing a good job running her state, and it doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes. A smart, experienced, attractive, younger woman may be a great addition to McCain's ticket.

As far as Jindal goes, he, too, appears to be doing a good job running his state and cleaning up the mess that was left to him. At 37 he's still a kid as far as being ready to be president, but I would look out for him in a couple election cycles.

On the Dem side, I've been scratching my head for a while and I've got nothing. Richardson seems to be the best bet for Obama, but every night I say my prayers and hope that somehow Clinton finds a way to worm her way onto the ticket. I know I don't deserve it, but what a gift that would be.

Most websites on the right are pretty much of the consensus that Jindal or Palin would be great... in 2012. Both need some seasoning and would undercut the argument on Obama's lack of experience.

I'd guess GOP on Pawlenty, or maybe Mitt, and on the Dem side I have no clue. Maybe Richardson, or maybe a female gov like Sibelius (sp?) of Kansas or Napoliano (sp?) of Arizona to try to placate some Hillary supporters.

I'd love it if McCain chose Jindal for his ticket. Then we can go to campaign rallies and ask him questions about the exorcism he says he performed.

Yeah...just think, an exorcism performed in D.C. might leave it a ghost town! Thats a good start!

No way he picks Romney. The guy is electoral poison and McCain can win this thing if he doesn't blow it with a numbskull call like that. Who will he pick? No idea. Palin would be interesting, but no electoral boost. Does he go with Lindsey Grahm?

As for the Dems, my bet is Jennifer Granholm or Bayh. Bayh is awfully good on camera, and Granholm is a babe sitting on an electoral bonanza. If McCain does pick Romney, I'd double down on the Jen call.

Does he go with Lindsey Grahm?

Why not just call Clay Aiken and see what he's up to.

Interesting analysis, Pursuit, especially considering that Romney picked up more Republican votes than McCain, who was more popular with Democrats and independents. The main reason McCain won is that he won in states with open primaries, where Democrats and independents can vote in the Republican primaries.*

McCain won't pick Romney because Romney looks, well, presidential, and with tall, handsome Mitt by his side, McCain would look even more like a crotchety old grandpa who needs his Geritol and a nap.

*It makes absolutely no sense at all to let people who are not affiliated with the party in question vote in the primaries, which are designed for the party's members to make their choice. If the Republicans had the wisdom to hold closed primaries, McCain would be yesterday's news.

Well, it does look like we can mark John Edwards off the list for good.

Hey, isn't Edwards a fag, like the guy from Florida? Have you done a fag post on Edwards, Tom? I bet you did and I just missed it.

Yeah, Edwards is pretty much toast. But then, I never thought his upside was all that up.

Good one, Scott.

I don't know about Edwards, but Squid's got a long hard one for Romney! Didn't you hear Squid, them Mormons don't go for that sort of thing.

Pursuit, your eloquence astounds me. You have managed to elevate this discourse to the loftiest of levels. Please, continue to dazzle us with your brilliance!

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