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Yeah, I agree its pretty grim! Take heart stout fellow...the Cubs keep winning!

Oh yeah, Next time you make it up to Wrigley thank the Cubs front office on my behalf for making Sean Gallagher trade!

I'm not sure "the Cubs keep winning" is necessarily a good argument against an impending apocalypse.

I'm pretty sure that the Cubs winning is one of the signs of the impending apocalypse. It's in Revelation somewhere.

Actually, one of the reasons that Moslems hate us is that we (i.e., Bush and his minions) want to impose our way of life on them. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Moslems don't want democracy?

I think we should take Moslems at their word when they say they want sharia law not only for themselves, but the whole world. Turnabout is only fair play, right? We want to impose our values on them; they want to impose their values on us.

Sadly, at this point, it looks like they're winning (cf. Eurabia and Canukistan, where ascendant Moslems are bending those societies into accepting Islamic ways, even Islamic ways that are incompatible with Western norms).

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