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I'd just like to apologize for the entire western United States for Mr. Morford!

I just can't believe that the Chronicle pays him for his....um....insights?!?!

Channeling Tommy Chong:

Wow, man! That was, like, uh, deep, y'know? Oh wow, man. He's so--did you ever notice these tiny lines on your hands? It's like they're a map--a map to... uh, hey, is someone making popcorn? I love popcorn! And Barack Obama. He's like, groovy, y'know what I mean?


This kind of adulation is why some of us ridicule Obama as the Obamessiah or similar such terms. He's being treated as not only "post-racial" (whatever that's supposed to mean, especially in light of his extremely racially-conscious pastor and wife), but also "post-human." Hence the epithet.


There is a difference between Mr. Chong and Mark Morford. At times Tommy Chong makes me laugh because he can be funny. Morford makes me laugh because he's an embarrassment!

This isn't that far from Sully's blog

While the right tries to set Barack Obama up as a terrifying "other,"

Actually, we're busy pointing out that he's a terrifying "same old shit, except from Chicago this time."

That Morford stuff is ancient.

That Morford stuff is ancient.

Yeah but still mock worthy! Seriously I read Morfords column as a gauge as to how far newspapers have fallen!

Except that Obama is, in fact, an Other.

* Most Americans are white. Obama is not. (Well, his mother was white, but you'd never know it from his self-identification and associations, especially his 20-year history of devout attendance at an anti-white church.)
* Most Americans did not grow up abroad. Obama did.
* Most Americans don't have grandmothers living in poverty on the shores of Lake Tangyanika (or wherever). Obama does.
* Most Americans were raised by their parents. Obama was not.
* Most Americans were raised with their siblings. Obama was not.
* Most Americans do not have Moslem relatives. Obama does.
* Most Americans have European-based names. Obama does not.
* Most Americans are repelled by anti-Americanism, terrorism, and racism. Based on his association with people like Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright, Bill Ayers, and Michelle Obama, one can conclude that Obama is not.
* Most Americans do not lie about the substance of who they are. Obama does.

Obama is not suitable to serve as our representative simply because he does not represent the majority of Americans.

While Obama is "the same old $#!+," he is also very, very Other. Remember, though, that liberalism isn't about truth; it's about ideology. Since Obama is "ideologically correct," it is utterly unsurprising that liberals (like Morford) denigrate anyone who points out uncomfortable facts about Obama.

Depending on how you slice it, none of us is typical.

You're a white male, Squid; that's maybe 35% of the population. Guess you're not eligible to be President because you're not part of a majority.

So then you slice it a different way, to your advantage.

All of those classifications you've got for Obama are small and unimportant relative to the one classification that matters: people vote for him.

We're a big, diverse country. Get over it.

Well, I'm male, but as that's one of two options, it's not so relevant. What is more relevant is that I'm white. Furthermore, this is still a white majority country. For that reason, and that reason alone, many people will never vote for a black man for president: blacks are unrepresentative of America as a whole. This is even more true when you consider who founded the country, what their values were, and how those values have always been the mainstream American values that immigrants have assimilated to. What's more, many blacks are profoundly alienated from those values and the people who hold them. (That many of us are unaware of this is mainly due to our insulation from the black community.)

You and your ilk will probably denounce such thinking as racistâ„¢. I won't waste our time pointing out how it isn't, as my arguments will fall on deaf ears.

Regardless, the heart of your "argument" is that we can't make generalizations, because no generalization fits everyone. This is part of the liberal deconstruction of reality. While generalizations may not tell you much about a specific individual who falls within a generalization's scope, it does tell you a lot about the group for which the generalization holds true. There is such a thing as a "typical American," even if no single person embodies all that is defined as "typical." No matter how you slice it, Obama is atypical, and no amount of spin can make that Otherness disappear.

Also note that Morford denigrates those making truthful observations about Obama's Otherness as fear-mongering. Once again, the left disparages any criticism as emotional, not rational. If criticism is emotional, it can be dismissed out-of-hand, thereby avoiding the need for any actual thought.

Finally, for your final comment: "We're a big, diverse country. Get over it." You probably believe the liberal tagline "diversity is our strength." Diversity is no one's strength: it is their weakness. The normal human reaction to diversity is to reduce it, often violently: murder, rape, and war all come to mind as traditional "solutions," as well suppression or extermination of minorities or division into separate political entities. Examples? Well, the USSR, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia come to mind for war and separation (Chechnya is the war example for the USSR/Russia, and when did the term "ethnic cleansing" come into vogue?); the PRC and Mughal India for suppression of minorities; the PRC, Persia/Iran, and present-day South Africa for extermination of minorities (Tibetans in the former, Parsis & Iranis in Persia/Iran, and whites in the latter).

Face it: America was a safer, more unified, more moral country in 1960, when whites were 90% of the population and minorities acknowledged white norms as societal norms to aspire to.

I'm not the only one who has noticed that Obama is Not Of The People. From Confederate Yankee:

Where left wing ideologies and identity politics hold sway, you'll find a part of America that Obama likes and understands. The rest of the nation may as well be another world for the freshman Senator, as remote to him as the Indonesian schools of his youth are to the rest of us.


Barack Obama has lived his life in the counterculture of America. He counts among his greatest influences a communist poet, a lynching advocate priest, a crackpot conspiracy-mongering reverend, and the detritus remnants of the last great experiment in American self-loathing.


The freshman Senator from Illinois is surprisingly insulated from the American experience....

Even those polled by CNN have serious doubts about Obama's patriotism.


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