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Anagrams? Oh, man, did you ever step in it here!

Rearrange "Obama Biden" and you get "bad omen"--with 3 letters left over.

Now, run "Obama Biden" through an anagram maker, and you get:

Media Nabob
Babied Moan
A Dean Bimbo
Do Media Ebb
Bad Mean Bio
Bad Bone Am I
Amoeba Bind
Babe Domain
Nabob Aimed
A Badmen Bio

Also, Barack Hussein Obama, with punctuation, becomes


As pointed out elsewhere,

The name of the Democratic ticket this year is:

As reader Paul K. points out, if you change the "b" in Obama to "s," and insert "nla" into Biden, you've got:

Osama bin Laden

Not good.

The funny thing is, all along Obama has had a problem because of the resemblance of his name to "Osama." So what does he do? He chooses a running mate whose name completes the unfortunate resemblance of Obama to Osama.

What was that line about glass houses and stones?

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