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The only thing missing is a referral to being "Sassy".

Certainly exhibit one in "The Brutally Honest Scrapbook of My High School Days". Based on the evidence, she was slumming.

Actually, "The Brutally Honest Scrapbook" is a great concept for a blog.

Her prom date was 12 years old at the time. Cradle robber!

Bored, I stopped by the site.

I was treated to the following excerpt:

* finished the ribbon tiebacks for my bedroom curtains
* admired Rob's handiwork of last night; he hung a matchstick shade in the bathroom and shortened it from 72" to a reasonable length. It looks nice!
* gone through my closet and purged some things that are just too old or too big (!)
* vacuumed the hallway and my bedroom
* cleaned the kitchen
* made a phone call I've been putting off
* called the vet to get an appointment for Pippa (she's due for shots ... bad pet mama)
* arranged child care so that I can have my manicure/pedicure tomorrow sans kids
* paid some bills so they're ready to deliver/mail tomorrow

I can't imagine why you don't think that you'll like her blog.

I'm seriously considering "In Your Face Scrapbooking" as a new blog theme. That's genius.

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