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"I hope Team McCain did a good job of vetting Governor Palin."

Actually, that thought did cross my mind as well. I am assuming (since I am assuming that the McCain campaign is competent) that every contingency of dirt has been gone over. That is why the whole potential trooper scandal thing doesn't really bother me It's because I assume there was both a sit down with a McCain rep, and a bunch of private dicks looking around on the McCain camp's behalf.

And I'll tell you this right here, if there is some skeleton in the closet, especially one that should have been relatively easy to red flag, then McCain deserves to lose this campaign.

We'll see.

I hope so too. Of course, compared to lying about your record and plagiarism it really doesn't amount to much. I just hope she doesn't say something like, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,"

Really, you guys are making this easy! Try breathing into a paper bag, I think you all are just a little scared and thinking irrationally.

Beyond what you've noted, there are web communities like Kos and Talking Points Memo that have a partisan agenda and ask locals what they know or what they can dig up. And if the network news ignores it, it will still be aired by Olbermann or Maddow.

I don't know how the McCain campaign could have vetted her without anybody knowing that she was being vetted.

Why all the outrage? I thought the vice-presidency wasn't "worth a pitcher of warm spit."

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