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Two things wrong with this post. First, I'm pretty sure the yahoo who wrote the book is named Jerome Corsi, late of the online conservative version of the "Weekly World News", AKA World Net Daily. Second, to cite the SPLC as an authority on anyone who's a "Hater" is dubious at best. SPLC exists to do one thing....make Morris Dees money. If they trip over somebody who doesn't care for black people, hispanics or Jews who hasn't already been outed by someone more reputable it's inadvertent.

I fixed the typo -- hey, I write this stuff at 5 AM, what do you want? As for the SPLC, I would not have used them as a source had I not listened to the radio programs myself. There's no ambiguity about the shows. These aren't judgment calls from people with axes to grind; it's white guys sitting around talking about the importance of the white race. These are bigots, clear and unapologetic.

Corsi has a history of bigoted writing as well. Nonetheless, he's embraced by mainstream Conservative media as an authority on Obama.

I'm not defending Corsi in any form or fashion, or his usual employer WND, or any rantings on the radio to which he may be party. That notwithstanding Morris Dees is nothing but a white race hustler! I would have had more faith in the post if you had stated that Corsi had these leanings without citing SPLC.

Thats all!

Believe me I do appreciate the 5 am updates!

Here's a question for you, Tom, and I mean it sincerely: is it possible for white people to be concerned about white people as such and not be bigots or racists?

In other words, is it legitimate for whites to be concerned about themselves, to put their own interests before that of others?

Ah. The "cold shoulder" routine.

It seems to me that Tom is afraid to answer. He knows that no matter how he answers, I will catch him in his hypocrisy. If he says, no, it is not possible for whites to be concerned about whites without being bigots or racists, then I will point out how various minorities are always putting themselves first and how he has no problem with that--the Black Congressional Caucus being just one of the more egregious examples. I might even call him an anti-white racist for saying that it is OK for other races to promote their own interests but is not OK for whites to promote theirs.

On the other hand, if he says yes, then he has to acknowledge that some of what I have been writing here has some merit. A veritable lose-lose situation for him.

Then again, Tom's probably just thinking, "I'm not going to get dragged down into another mess with Squidley" and has put responding to my post up there with "perform sedative-free root canals on self" on his to-do list.

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