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Um, maybe we're reading two different press releases. The one I just read is exactly what you've been complaining that McCain doesn't do. You go on and on about how he is so negative. This release was concise and on target; Obama gives a nice speech and has absolutely no record to back it up. And what record he does have is 180 degrees opposite of what he preaches.

I agree with you on the columns and dentil molding, especially taken together with that vaguely presidential seal looking circle on the floor at the podium.

Dude, that speech convinced no one save for party line Democrats. O'Bama gave a wonderful delivery, but the material he was given to work with was standard party boilerplate.

Whats most interesting though is that you were concerned going into the speech. This is the one thing O'Bama does well! Why the lack of confidence? Is that you know in your heart he isn't quite up to the job?

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