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It's moves like this that make me think there isn't a Republican politician out there that can't manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Every time any Republican does something good or positive, he/she then immediately makes sure to do something incredibly stupid to cancel out any good the previous act may have done for him/her. Much like the new Senate Gang of 10, formed to do away with all the good will and positive press the House Republicans are getting. Morons.

It's a sickness, really.

You should relabel your blog to TPMCafeWire Jr.

And who's throwing fear about now, Tom? Go ahead and deny it, but it's pure Marketing 101 FUD, like the FCC dude post. FUD, the thing that only evil conservatives do. Get yourself a big ol' bowl.

Hey, Scott, I'm just curious. Do you still think that McCain is just acting like a regular old Senator from the Armed Services Committee?

I believe that our Congress should be involved in our foreign policy decisions. That's why we have a bi-partisan Committee on Foreign Relations in the Senate. This would look a lot less like a campaign stunt if at least one of the following wasn't true-
1) The two Senators were on the Foreign Relations Committee
2) They, themselves, made the announcement of their trip rather than funneling it through the McCain campaign apparatus
3) They weren't two of McCain's top advisers

TPM is definitely a biased source. But, like Rush Limbaugh, at least some of the time what they say is true. In this instance, come up with your own litmus test for Congressional foreign policy outreach vs. campaign stunt and show us your results. Are these the two guys you would have asked to mediate this dispute?

sorry- "least one of the following WERE true-"

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