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High school was...


No kidding. My date was so pissed when I took her to McDonalds for homecoming.

LOL! Well done, Tom.

Dude, you were so close....switch my photo with Franks photo, Photoshop off 125 lbs and you have.....fish!

PS: Hey Jessica....love the tiara.

Thanks, I got it at ren fair.

Apparently fish and I are twins, because that photo looks a little bit too much like me after I ate the rest of you.

And for the record, I really did go to McDonald's for dinner my senior prom. That's right, Mr. Big Spender over here.

Also, I sent a link to this post to Ava (my former coblogger and current main squeeze) and this is what she had to say.

"Oh. That's funny. And scary. Start running now, mmkay?"

Whew! It could have been worse.

Very funny.

Time to update my photo. I have lots more bling now.


Why screw up that fabulously contemplative pose with more jewelry...less is more baby!

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